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ABOUT SAM | Samantha Hargis was born in Austin, Texas, the third child of five. She began her relationship with Jesus early in her life. She has lived in Temecula for four years but has spend the majority of her life as a Southern California girl. 
Her family moved numerous times during her childhood, eventually settling in Temecula right before the start of her freshman year of high school. "Change is hard for me, but through it all I've been able to grow in my faith and trust in Christ.

Sam is a college freshman and hopes to continue her education with a degree in Graphic Design. She is passionate about art, cultivating relationships, growing and learning through Christ's grace and life in general. 

ABOUT MADI | Madi Walsh is a worship leader, leading singer for a local band, and a blog writer. Even though she's young, God has insanely impacted her life through music, writing, and stories. "I am confident that if God could change my life, He can and will do the same with today's generation of young people."

Madi is a high school freshman and her goal in life is to dream big, stay strengthened and so whatever God calls her to do.

Bailey Gundry
ABOUT BAILEY | Coming soon...

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We are now taking Internship Applications for 2013-2014. Apply Here

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