Thursday, September 2, 2010


Have you ever thought of the word "Capture"? I use it alot, mostly flippantly or to dress up an otherwise dull sentence or observation. According to Mr. Webster it means:

To take captive, as by force or craft; seize; the act of catching, taking, or winning, as by force or skill.
I love the word seize. It sounds so warrior-esque. So forthright and full of power, yet completely free.

So many days I live in and out not capturing or being captured by anything. Then there are other days that I am captured or capture the wrong things. Fear. Guilt. Anger. Sin. Boys ;). My body. How I look. How I don't look.

What are you captured by? And are they the right things? Are they good things? Are they things that will cause you to

Capture something tomorrow.
Be captured by something.

And I will too.


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