Monday, September 26, 2011

The Construction of our Lives

Hello all you Becoming lovelies! 

It's Madi, yes I'm back, and I just want to again say how honored, privileged, and excited I am for being apart of the Becoming Girls blog team! 

I will be sharing a post today that I wrote a little while back in July and even though I nearly never re-blog the same thing, I chose this piece because this is probably one of the proudest things I've written.

I wrote this as a "practice", because one morning after a hectic week full of 4th of July, worship, Pechanga Pow Wow, loud neighbors and sports park screamers, and on top of it, random construction at 7:00 in the morning, I just needed to write. 

So, I grabbed my pen and wrote for over 20 minutes on just about anything that came to mind. At first, I was just rambling on with complaints-- but it turned into something more . . . funny how things work, huh?

::The Construction of Our Lives::

There's nothing better than waking up at 7:38 in the morning, on a summer sleep-in, the day after a hectic holiday like 4rth of July. You're tired and lack luster, all your energy seems to have been punched out and disintegrated into the air, and you feel so ravenous as though you haven't had a bite of anything in weeks. 

Then, there's construction. 

Everyone wakes up to it sometime, and everyone hates it. 
Random workers visit, speak a different language, tear and demolish one way or another, and then go. That goes on for weeks and doesn't stop until they get the job done. 

Strangely enough, that's life. 
We wake up, at times feeling crushed. We loathe it. 
Strangers come in our lives, who speak a tongue of something you can't comprehend, they can ruin, destroy, and we're just vulnerable to it. 

And then they just disappear. 

Funny how some things that are totally un-alike turn out to be the same comparison in every way. I thought that when I wrote this, it would be nothing but scribble tied into writer's block and jibberish.  But the thing is, there's never a bad time to write, which is why I'm in love with writing, especially if it benefits me, other people, and God in some way, and want to do this for the rest of my life.

loooove writing. It's just like music. 

It all comes from whatever pops into the mind--expression is key--and you can be as creative as you want. 

But I guess when the time is to know my way, it'll hit me.
God is still doing construction in our lives, building a plan we aren't supposed to discover until we've discovered Him. 
We may hate Him playing around with our heads, making loud noise outside the door, and want Him to just leave. Yet, God is doing so much good and work in that construction of our lives. He is building a larger picture, a redeemed kingdom that knows of his unchangeable, everlasting mercy and love. He uses us as tools in this construction for so many things in so many ways and we may not even realize it. 
Whatever we do, it's by His will, not ours. 
Because He will not stop until every broken or every hungry or every self-fish or every lost voice hears of his grace. 
He will not stop until he gets the job done. Now that's something I call awesome! 

Friends, use your talents, abilities, gifts, passions. Who knows how it might just change a person. 

Have a great, great week & I'll talk to you soon!

Sincerely, Madi.

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