Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Sometimes I don't understand why I have to wait all the time.

These past few weeks, God has really challenged me. With friends, with school, with writing, with music . . . you name it. There's days where I wake up and I beg to God, "Give me a best friend who is true and trustworthy," or "Make time go fast so I can get school over with," or "Improve my singing or instrument playing so I can do something with it even more, so I can lead,"or "Share and let others know that there's hope and light out of darkness and that you don't have to focus on temporary things,"  but . . . here I am waiting and I am still praying every day for these things.

But you know, just a couple hours ago, it really hit me that God is telling me to be patient with myself. He's telling me to not be so wanting, but to actually be humble and wait.

I think pretty much everyone can relate. We're designed to be impatient and to want things to come to us sooner or for us to try and be better, yet we can't unless we find God in that somewhere and ask Him for advice.

I came across this verse not too long ago and it totally connected with how I was feeling. Although I begged God over and over and over, I realized that I really just needed to focus on God and be reminded for the future. Yes, I may have crazy dreams of becoming an actual worship leader or finally heading to high school and going to a homecoming dance for once or have a sister-best friend like back where I used to live, but I don't think God will provide me with those things until I find confidence in what He'll, I hope, do with my life. He already has rocked it, so why am I asking for more? Anyways, this verse has empowered me to just remember God & remember why I'm here in the first place:

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him, to enable them to fulfill the purpose for which they are called" -Romans 8:28

He's already figured out our purpose. It's just our job to remember the outcome and direction for that, though. So, be patient, lovelies, with whatever is going on! It's hard, but it's worth the wait. Even though it's easy to forget it, God is in control. 

~Madi (:  

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