Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyone Listens to Music

I think the number one factor that has shaken the world is music; we're the music culture. 

Whether it's from from pop, rock, humble, alternative, or one of my beloved ones, jazz, our generation is wrapped up in our iPods and headphones. I know for me, music is something that I need a daily dose of. When I'm at school, when I'm in the car, or even blogging, I always have some kind of background music to listen to!

But before you get too pulled into it you have to ask yourself some of these questions:

a) Is it encouraging? Does it put you in a good mood? 
If you listen to depressing music, it's shown to influence your mood as well. The type of music you listen to shapes you to be that music. You want music that makes you charged up for the day. 

b) Does reflect your personality? 
I know that for me, the type of person I am reflects in the music I listen to . . . as well as the people I know! Everyone has inspirations and role models--they always follow through with music that reflects off their personality too! 

c) Does it have a positive tone? 
The music we can listen to may sound great, but sometimes we can skip over the fact if it has a positive meaning to it or not. If it's not uplifting or doesn't give you some sort of feeling/message, or even some sign of strength, it's not as great a song as you think it is! 

d) Is it inspiring? 
This is a toughie for me. Great music isn't just a great song--it's an outreach. Whether that means you can share it to a friend or not or help you get over something, it is the movement of inspiring. 

Some of the music artists I love listening to that answers to these questions are Lenka, Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, Hillsong, The Fray, Coldplay, One Republic
Natalie Grant, Britt Nicole, Audrey Assad, Xenia .

Your turn!   
Comment on this post or/and comment our Facebook what kind of music/artists you like to listen to!


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