Wednesday, June 13, 2012


On Julianna's blog {}, she is currently doing a writing series where everyday she posts a new prompt. I thought it would be fun to write some of my responses here!! And you should too =)

Her first prompt: Describe your earliest memory.

~The waves crash down on the shore and the wind is chilly but freeing; birds wander to and fro on the sand. My parents are holding hands in front of me, my dad carrying Daniel. I am trailing slowly behind them, searching the damp sand for half-buried treasures and hopping from sun beam to sun beam as they pierce through the stormy sky. I am maybe 4 years old and we are at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

This was me, care free and innocent before I knew where California was, before I understood the value of money or where Daddy went everyday. I follow my parents away from the ocean and into the sleepy beach town. My favortie time of day: Bruce's Candy Kitchen. This family owned and operated candy store has always, always been my all time favorite store. The sweet smells of hand spun taffy, carmel apples, and chocolate covered anything is a favorite from my childhood. The salt water taffy was the only thing I ever got; I would eat pieces of everyone else's prizes but the taffy was all mine. The day goes on and I only remember glimpses and blurs from there but I remember being carried to the car by my older brother and falling asleep with a beach towel draped over me on the car ride home. 

This beach is more to me than sun, sand, and surf.

Cannon Beach has been and always will be (to me anyways) a special place for my family. That trip is the first in a series of memories of family Thanksgivings and reunions at Cannon Beach. It was our first Oregon trip after we moved to California when I was 7, it was where my family met to grieve after my Poppa died when I was 12, it is a perpetual stop every time we road trip through Oregon to Washington. I learned to love the grey, overcast sky and the salty wind that never ceased to turn my nose red. Cannon Beach was an important spot in my heart because it is something that my family has always done together, no matter where everyone was or what was happening in their life, this beach is where we came with one another. To eat Mo's clam chowder and walk through the musuem that held all kinds of sea animal bones, or gaze at the crazy expensive jewlery made from sea stones. Cannon Beach is my earliest memory.

{My sister, Victoria/ My Cousin Aleigha/ Me}

What is your earliest memory?! Does your family have a place similar to my Cannon Beach?

Tell me in the comment section below <3
Love you girlies!

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