Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Saw Brave, and We Say GO!

^^^ Me and Ty saw the movie Brave this weekend, and it passed our expectations with flying colors.


Mother Daughter Relationship - - Merida and her mother have the typical teenage conflicts and we even get to see a side of arguments that some might be ashamed to admit happens. Disney does a good job portraying that sometimes, both mother AND daughter get a little emotional. There is also a real sense of "mentorship" from mother to daughter and in the end, the mentoring is received. So important!

Emphasis on Humility - - The entire premise is built on the necessity of humility in relationships. In this particular case, Merida's (daughter) humility towards her mother, which in turn becomes mutual.

Picture of Strength and Dignity - - My fear for this movie was that it would be a "I am woman, I can do whatever I want, hear me roar!" type movie. Not. The. Case. Disney has really done a fabulous job portraying both mother and daughter as strong women who discover that life is more than rules and images of perfection.

I was so inspired, you might so some of it's inspiration in this next years conference ;) Just maybe!

Have you seen it? What'd you think? 

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