Saturday, December 15, 2012

What Does it Mean to Be Brave?

What does it mean to be "BRAVE"?


ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. 

  • people who are ready to face and endure
  • endure of face without showing fear (ex: we had to brave the heat) 
    • Synonyms 
      • courageous 
      • valiant
      • bold
      • defy
      • dare
      • challenge
      • face
For me, the keys words I think of when it comes to being brave is being fierce, strong, bold, and courageous. As I repeat these synonyms in my head, I realize that these are the characteristics that we, as daughters of God, have. 

Now, let's be honest. We're girls; it's normal for us to not always have these traits. Actually, this past month, I haven't been challenged or bold at all and that's perfectly okay. 

However, there is going to be a time in your life where God will call you to be brave
He will call you to be warriors and fight. 

There's going to be a time where you will need your sisters in order to overcome something. 

That, my friends, requires bravery, hence the "ready to face and endure" definition. 

Last year, on the weekend of 9/11's ten year anniversary, I was supposed to drive from Temecula to a hospital in Orange Country. Approaching the San Onofre nuclear power plant, we noticed some heavy traffic and assumed it was due to the security there. 
We drove past it, got through the traffic, and my brother tried calling the hospital to let them know I wouldn't make it for a special appointment on time.  The anxious part?  When he called, there was no sound; no ring, nothing. No one picked up, even though it's a hospital. 

Heavy traffic + nuclear power plant + hospitals not picking up + highway patrol speeding past us = something had to be fishy. 

We reached the city, finally off the freeway, and the street lights weren't working (of course they weren't). The cars were in a total gridlock, car accidents happening, and it took over 20 minutes to just drive a block. We weren't close to the hospital. On top of that, our cell phones weren't working. 

Now the equation is: No communication + no transportation + weekend of 9/11 anniversary = conclusion of a possible attack. 

Finally got to the hospital-- we went into one of the buildings to see that the lights were out, security was blocking the doors, and it was a mess. 

It was a point where all I could do was sit in my car, assume the worst, and be in fear. There was a sense of vulnerability. My brother even called us, "sitting ducks" because that's exactly what we were. I kept wondering when God was going to kick in this "super woman" attitude so I wouldn't be so afraid of the country getting attacked or us getting into a car accident. The "super woman" attitude never came. However, I prayed and prayed for bravery. I wanted to be bold and strong and fearless in a situation like this. If I wasn't, there would be a weakness in me that I know God didn't want to hold me back. 

Ladies, be brave and don't let yourselves be anything less. 

Don't be afraid, because God will always be there (Isaiah 41:10) in every situation, every moment, every memory. 

If you have an army of sisters by your side, then what's to stop you from being brave? (: 

Madi is a Becoming High School Freshman Intern.  is a worship leader, leading singer for a local band, and a blog writer. Her goal in life is to dream big, stay strengthened and so whatever God calls her to do.

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