Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Steps to A Powerful Quiet Time

1. Find Your Spot

I had the same spot almost every day for my devotions. It was the nook in my bedroom window. Sometimes, during the Summer, I would climb out the window and sit in the sun on our rooftop. But inside or out, I knew that was my "holy" place. Of course, nothing about it was actually "holy" or "super spiritual," but for me it was sacred. It was the place I made an intentional date with God. 
Is there a little closet in your house? Or a meadow in your backyard? 
Think about it, where can you designate as your sacred place with God? 
Now set it up with your Bible, some candy, your music and journal. 

2. Set An Alarm

Time flies, weekend days get lazy, and after school is kind of a blur. Try setting an alarm to remind you to spend intentional time with God. Cell phones weren't as nifty or accessible back in my day, but today I have an alarm that goes off, reminding me it's 10AM and I need to take a time out to read, pray, journal, or listen to worship music.
Any alarm will do really. Go ahead, pick a time and try it tomorrow. If that time didn't work out, pick another until you find one you're comfortable and able to keep. 

3. Bring Headphones

Music does something to the human soul. I think God adores music. Sometimes listening to a worship CD or a playlist of songs that talk about God can help focus your mind and heart on Him. My favorite quiet times were when I could belt out worship to God in the privacy of my own room. 
Need music ideas? Take a peek at ours! (Click on the names to see music)

>>Britt Nicole, >>Jamie Grace, >>Antioch Worship, >>Kari Jobe, >>Hillsong United, >>Group 1 Crew, >>Kristian Stanfill, >>Mandisa

4. Get a Pretty Journal

True Girl Fact: If things are cute, we will use them. Sad, but true. Journals are a peek into what's really going on in your heart. Don't think, just write. Write down prayers, questions, complaints, sorrows, funny stories, memorable moments and tell them to God. 
If you need a little inspirational cutsy to get your quiet times motivated, then get yourself a cute journal! Marshall's usually has some super cute ones with easy to write on pages! 

5. Have a Conversation with God

Ultimately, spending undistracted time with God is the main goal. Sometimes life can give us easy-to-use excuses to not spend time with Him. But it's so important, as we grow in our faith and knowledge of who God is, that we actually get to know HIM! Don't make it complicated or formal. Just talk to Him like you would anyone else. Your prayers will change and take different shapes throughout your lifetime. 
Need a conversation starter? Tell God what you're thankful for today. Then tell Him what you want to know about Him. Ask Him to show you something about Him this week. 

However you do it, whenever you do it, making time for undistracted focus on God is important in a Christian girl's life. There is great value in meeting with the Creator of the world everyday.

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