Thursday, August 26, 2010

Becoming: Impact

In revving up for our upcoming conference [November 13! Mark your calenders!] we are wanting to start an Impact section for you girls to get involved in. It will be anything from raising money and supporting a child in another country, to simply stopping and praying for a specific person or situation, to coming out on Wednesdays to help with our Rescue Mission.

I know for me, growing up in Temecula was kind of like living in that game Candy Land. A place where only every-once-in-a-while something bad would happen, like crazy thunderstorms or absurd heat. But other than that, we have had it pretty good. Even with the economical downfall, things have stayed relatively unchanged for most of us. And when things don't deeply affect us, we tend to take no notice. 

I am at fault for this big time. I use to do trips to Mexico with my youth group all the time. We went down there to help, build, and share Christ with the people down there. That was what I thought was making an impact. And it did. But I was under to assumption that I had to GO away to make that difference.

When the economy crashed I had absolutely no idea how many families were forced to live in their cars. So many families that couldn't even pay for Temecula. My friends and their parents and their children.

We want, as much as we can, to educate you on the outside world, and show you how to get involved in making a difference in other's lives. 

You don't have to fly to Africa to help. You can drive to the homeless shelter or the Rescue mission.

You can raise awareness just by talking to your friends. 

Help us. Check out the opportunities below and choose one to get involved with. 

We want to BECOME Involved in Impact.

Love, JM

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  1. Check out Local Impact and Global Impact pages on facebook for RCC to get weekly updates on how to serve and what to pray for! Even if you aren't a part of RCC there are great opportunities to just help our community and missionaries abroad. Check it out! :)


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