Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are You a Computer Girl?

This is gonna be short one, I promise.

So many of you girls are crazy internet pros. Facebook has reinvented your world :) Ok, mine too. So I found some websites that I thought you might like to check out in between checking FB and emails.

These sites were started by a woman, by the name of Dana Gresh, who had a burden for girls your age {And who has written awesome books for young girls} . She wanted to reach out, share her stories of the ups and downs of her teenhood and encourage girls to pursue something beyond themselves. Middle school isn't the end all. There is more to life than dating in High school. She clearly and perfectly communicates to girls who they are in Christ and what they mean to God Almighty.

You are a Daughter of the King of Kings.
The Secret Keeper {For Tweens}
- Fashion advice, games, downloads, and devotions...pretty much everything you need to indulge in "girl time" on a good website.

Pure Freedom {For Teens}
-This site was created perfectly for your age group. It has devos, fashion tips, relationship tips, and most valuably, What God says about Girls your age. Check it out.

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