Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hello World! I'm Sam.

//Hello Becoming Girls! I am so glad to introduce to you the new Becoming Girls writer for our 2012 conference. She is high schooler like most of you and LOVES to write about girly things. I will still be popping in every now and then but am so excited to be handing this off to her. Please meet my sweet friend, Sam. Love, ~Julianna//

Hey everybody! So i'm a new writer on the becoming girls blog so i just wanted to take a few, okay maybe a little more than, minutes and introduce myself to all of you. 

Well to start of my name is Sam excuse me, Samantha... but i go by Sam most of the time. i am a junior at River Springs Charter School but previously i have been part of the Great Oak Wolfpack =) i love my family and spending time with them; they are completely crazy and extremely weird but they make me well me! so you wanna know about them? okay i'll tell you! you have my parents, who have given practically everything to raise us (all 5 of us... yes i said 5) to be independent, free thinkers with Christ at the center our lives. i love them with all that i am <3 then comes my oldest brother [Caleb], who is 22. 

Next up we have the dynamic duo (haha) Victoria and Brittany. They are both 19, crazy beautiful (which means crazy and beautiful) and women that i believe i will always look up to (and for the record, no they are not twins).

I come next at the age of 16, but i will tell you more about me later.

And last but NEVER EVER least is my lil' man Daniel. He is 13 and constantly challenging me to be me, apart from the conformity of the world. He constantly blows my mind and while we don't always get along, i am extremely proud of being his older sister and wouldn't change him for the world.  

So there you have it! My family =) okay so a little about me:

-my favorite movie: Finding Nemo =) "takin' on the jellies!!".
-my favorite color: lime green, hands down... oh but wait i like yellow and turquoise and purple too.
-my favorite food: you can never ever have enough ice cream... its just soooo yummy! =) and chinese is pretty good too
-my favorite candy: skittles and umm anything else really haha
hmmm what else? 
-red vines are NOT the same thing as twizzlers... in no way, shape or form can twizzlers beat red vines. it just can't happen. 
-i love Thursdays because it comes right before Friday and youthgroup is on Thursday nights so i get to see many of my favorite people (but i'll tell you about them some other time). 
-i love music but i can't sing worth beans and i listen to a lot of different types. 
-i believe that Christ has saved me and that no matter what, he will always be there even when i stop reaching for him, and that is a very comforting thought. 

-i guess the last thing you should know about me is that i'm excited to be writing!!

talk to ya soon!!!

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