Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Even the Sun Reflects the Son!

This one is a bit of a strange post but it ends with a good point, so don't give up on me please =)

Have any of you lovely ladies ever thought about planets and where their light comes from? Well, i for one have... as dorky as that sounds {confession: i am a dork and i am not ashamed to admit it =)} i was looking at the stars one night, well actually many nights because i adore the nighttime and the moon and stars but ANYWAYS, and i know thats stars produce their own light but that the moon (which is a planet) reflects the light of the sun (a star). 

so it got my brain wondering if that means other planets can't produce their own light either.

TO THE GOOGLE! i figured out that planets cannot, in fact, make this thing called light themselves.

Alright, here's where i'm going: just like a planet can never ever create its own light as much as it tries, we, as imperfect human beings, will never ever be able to work hard enough to earn God's grace... strange how my mind works sometimes right?(i would know, i live in it)

but the fantstic part of this is that He has GIVEN it to us and we just need to stop trying because we are going to FAIL no matter how much effort we put into it. Hebrews says that after Christ made the ultimate sacrifice, He sat down at the right hand of God (meaning no more sacrifices were necessary) and invited us to sit with Him in PEACE... i love that word. 

no more striving and coming up with disappointment... 
no more feelings of unworthiness or like we will never be enough. 

He took it all for us so that we could live bright lives with HIS light shining through us because He knew that ultimately, we would not be enough without Him.

He is our star so we could shine in the sky

Until next time my dears,

Sam =)

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