Sunday, July 3, 2011

5 Lessons God Showed Me This Week

Hello bee-a-u-ti-ful girls =) 

so this week has been crazy. i was helping out at a Vacation Bible School (VBS) in the town i used to live in- Simi Valley.

Not only was this week so amazing because i got to spend it with people i grew up with and with crazy second graders that i love very much but also becasue God used this week to show that He kinda knew what He was doing when He uprooted me from my very comfortable home of 8 years and placed me in a completely strange town right before i started my freshmen year of high school (seriuosly- i had been to temecula ONCE before we moved here)... i was unhappy to say the least. and i was angry- oh so very angry [which is saying something because i'm not a very angry person usually]

5 Things God showed me this week:
1. He knew what He was doing when He placed me in Temecula because He knew that i would find the most amazing, encouraging, supportive, involved, fun, crazy, lovable youthgroup ever and that they would help me mature in my faith

2. He knew that i would build excellent friendships that have gotten me through some sticky situations and help keep me accountable in my walk... i never had that before

3. i needed the kick in the butt that the move provided to get out of my comfort zone and become my own person, the unique individual that Christ created me to be! and may i add that i love love being me =)

4.  i had become complacent in my walk and was doing things "on my own" and the move pushed me to a cliff that i couln't walk away from on my own. it caused me to realize that, to a degree, i wasn't allowing myself to get closer to God. and while yes, i was incredibly frustrated at Him after i moved, that struggle stretched me and taught me a lot about Christ and my identity IN HIM

5. He showed me how awesome my relationships are here and how my past friendships have helped shape them to be Christ centered and lasting

Needless to say, the move turned out to be a good thing and from where i am now in life, i wouldn't change anything about my circumstances then or how they effect now!

p.s if anything i wrote up there really affected you or you have questions about circumstances and what not or you just need to talk, email us or come find me at uprising some time!

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