Monday, October 10, 2011

Becoming: Girls of Christ

So, as I've getting prepared & all set up for the Becoming Conference, I've been doing a little interviewing myself! I asked about eight friends what dreams they wanted to fulfill in life and the person that they would eventually want to become

I got so many great responses like modeling, missionaries, even being a black-belt and a powerful person, but the one that caught me the most was a dream that almost wasn't even a dream . . . if that makes sense! 

The person that wrote to me this response has truly been considered my sister my whole life, growing up together, and of course, dreaming together, so it surprised me when she wrote back.

"I'm not exactly sure what my dreams are, to be entirely honest. I know I dream of success and happiness, but otherwise . . . I'm not even sure I have dreams!" 

Maan, did she throw this at me! Almost every day, she would come over and we would stand on my window seat, acting as if it were a stage, and putting on our own "concerts" for each other, singing our brains out (I still do that!)  And when we weren't doing that (which was never, since we loved to be each other's singing judges), we were either dancing and acting in her basement as if we had our own web or TV show, or on the computer playing random wedding games (don't ask!), or cooking who knows what. 

Before she responded, I was coming up with things she would've wanted to be, like we both did since we were in 2nd grade, yet I wasn't expecting this . . . when I read it, it really made me think and I wanted to share my brainstorms with you to see if you can relate.  

1. We don't have to know where we're going. 
We, all of us, are still on this journey . . . we'll fall, we'll be confused, we'll get lost, but it's in that struggle & journey where we end up realizing who we truly were meant to be. This is something I've been tremendously struggling with, but I've realized that it's okay to be lost, because I have so many people to guide me through it. 

2. We're gifted. 
Each and every one of us have some sort of talent in this world, so, why not use them? God has planned out and hand-picked us with the abilities we're given with. Never take them for granted. 

3. We are becoming girls in Christ.
We may not know where we're going, we may not know what we'll use our gifts for, but I'll tell you this . . . God is using you. He is using your gifts & talents & dreams to reach to those who are unlovable, spread His gospel to every ear hears, and to shape up who He has uniquely created you to become. 

So use those crazy dreams you have & never stop. (; This song below, White Nights by Oh Land [recommended by Miss. Chelsie Belcher] , has been stuck in my head for the last few weeks, but I think it's a perfect song for this. The video is pretty much expressing  these crazy dreams that are bottled up, and that it's okay to be yourself or be difference. Out of all of it, there is a purpose that will benefit many. Have an awesome week!


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