Sunday, January 8, 2012

Basking in the Right Place

Hey, ladies!

Whew, I can't explain how crazy this year has already been. Especially in this time of my life, it has taken a complete turn, good and bad, and I really have to praise God for that. He's the one all making this happen. 

With that, it's time for some vocabulary-- ohh yes. 

So what exactly does basking mean 

baskingpresent participle of bask (Verb)

  1. Lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure: "sprawled figures basking in the afternoon sun".
  2. Revel in and make the most of (something pleasing).

Why am I sharing this exactly? 
The beach is probably my favorite place to go. No matter what happens to the world, the thing that always amazes me is that the ocean will always be there: the sea will always shine. 

The beach perfectly describes basking, as to the fact of being exposed and revealed in the warmth and light of the sun with contentment and pleasure. The definiton couldn't have said it better. If you've ever tanned (which I'm sure all of you have), you've basked in the sun!

Now, as I'm getting older, I'm starting to see that there's a different kind of basking. Now, what is that exactly? Basking in God. 

Throughout all the crazy things that have been happening in the past two years (the amount of years I have been a legit believer and follower),  I can't think of a better way to describe some of the times where I have literally just sat and was so pleased and full of pure joy of what God has done. I can't really explain it for you, but I'm telling you, somewhere throughout your journey, you'll experience what I experience. It's almost euphoric--sometimes I just can't stop smiling because I'm in such awe of the work of God.

I get this all the time during worship. Seeing God's action displayed in other people's lives through my own very eyes in the most perfect scenario is astounded and what has lead me to become the believer I am today and why I'm doing this for my life.

I also get this when I have such insanely good news, or something huge has taken placed in my life (like today, for instance!) That's where I have the chance to thank God for the possibilities in the first place. 

Right now, I am so satisfied in where God has placed me. 

I am exceedingly thankful and just really soaking in his glory. It's like He took a handful of a tub of shredded cheese and sprinkled it all over my life. 

He does this for everyone: He uniquely sprinkles the factors that will shape you to be the person who're to be. Like a pizza! I'm now at the point where I am so blown away by what He's done and what's He's "sprinkled" and truly again, basking in his light and goodness and warmth. 

And guess who's going to the beach today?! 

As I go and lay in the sunlight, I will definitely be thinking of God, and making the most of it. I can only hope that it goes the same for you girlies, too! (: 

Have a great rest of the week returning back to school if you already haven't and remember to register and get excited for the conference! 

IT'S COMING! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page if you haven't done so; we update daily! Thanks, guys!


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