Saturday, February 25, 2012

Freedom Sunday // We are NOT FOR SALE

It's Freedom Sunday this weekend and as a conference, we are partnering with Love 146 to raise awareness for this horrible injustice that still happens in our world. 

In order to raise awareness about the issues of human trafficking, we are asking that you help us with a little project! It's super easy and powerfully effective.

What to do:
-Get a red pen/marker/pain and write on your hand or face "NOT FOR SALE"
-Take a picture of it and post it to our Facebook page (click here)
-Goal is to get 100 pictures! 

Can we do it??

Leave a comment telling us you posted your pic! 


  1. WEre TRYING to post were just waiting on the group invite i guess is what you call it!

  2. hi, would you consider opening it up to submissions via twitter/tumblr for people that don't use facebook? it's a great cause and i'm sure lots of people will want to help out! :)


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