Monday, February 27, 2012

On the Occasion Of...

{the promised post from last tuesday...but blogger was being stupid}

Today's post is a letter to someone who has inspired me!

Dear Jules <3,
 You are leaving and yes, i am quite sad BUT i am also very excited for this journey that you and tyson are beginning with the Pitts family. As you begin this new journey, i want you to know about the journey you are leaving behind and the huge role you have played in it.

My Journey. This journey was going simply in wild circles until you came along. You spoke passion into my life, you helped uncover desires that my heart was unsure of. I knew that i was made for more, the word tells me this, but i had no idea for what or why.


You gave me an outlet for these words that have so much meaning to girls around the world. You gave me someplace to begin to make a difference, to begin to have an impact on this world. And for this i thank you.

With my whole heart, i thank you for being bold and pushing aside your fear in order to pursue the dreams God placed in your heart.
~ Thank you for believing in me and my words, for giving me all the many oppurtunities that you have
 ~Thank you for speaking truth into my life time and time again.
~Thank you for the wisdom you have offered me in my relationship with Andrew.

You have inspired me to live fully into my dreams, without fear of failure. I am a voice now for girls who are trapped and in need of rescue...Because of you.

You have impacted me!

love always,

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