Monday, February 13, 2012

Unstoppable Love on Valentines Day

Oh Valentines Day
What more can I say? It's a day where some of us feel comforted and loved, but for the other half, it's nothing but a hit to the head.

Flowers, chocolate, cliche love poems, the whole "Lady & The Tramp spaghetti" spiel, the list goes on and on. Now, these things might look great. These things might look like you need it, but honestly, girls, ask  yourself, Do these things define real love?

Compared to Jesus, it's a big fat no. 

Why base your focus on someone, even when God is with you always and will never leave you? 
Why get pulled into a "relationship" that is too hard for you to handle? 
Why waste your days heartbroken and in this vicious cycle? 
Why sit on your love for a temporary person when you can't even find yourself, or have a strong, true relationship with God? 
He's there to shape you into the person you are to become, and it is in him only where that feeling of emptiness is filled. 

There is a love greater than a love on here--an eternal love, and that is with the one and only Jesus Christ. What boyfriend would die for you, and die so that you can know our Father even more?

Mmmmhm. That's what we need to see. So, why do we focus on getting in relationships so early? It's not intended for US. Valentines Day holds a greater purpose: remember the love of God and loving those around you. 

There's a song that truly exemplifies that, and it's called "How He Loves" by John Marck McMillan. Over and over, there is this one line that truly states that He, God, loves you! 

You have Jesus and the most unconditional love from your healer, helper, friend, and creator. Don't you think that's even better than a silly day about a fake love? 

He is love and is the definiton of it; He is the very truth of love itself. 

Remember you girls are beautiful, powerful, and world changing. With God's love by our side, we are unstoppable. 


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