Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Day or Singles Awareness Day?

Oh Valentine's Day... or Singles Awareness Day. However you choose to look at it. 
Girls over think this holiday WAY to much. Here we are reading into everything he does or doesn't do, everything he does or doesn't say. But why, when in the end, we either end up disappointed or happy for a brief period of time?

VALUE...we want to feel valued, loved, cared for.

So often, we as girls put our value in what the world says or whether boys think our bodies are hot. But what the world offers is straight up TRASH and it does not go beyond the physical.

Look inside, listen to your heart crying out. It is telling you, "You deserve more than this. there IS more than this!" It may not be easy to understand and some us don't understand (or don't want to understand) because we like how the physical makes us feel. But take a step back and see it is destroying you. You will leave a trail of broken pieces of your precious PRECIOUS heart until there is nothing left, until you hit bottom.

S T O P!

Run! Run full speed into the arms of your heavenly father
he finds value in us in our everything.

In our weakness
In our greed
In our lust
In our pride
In our joy
In our contentment

WHY? It's not like we deserve it or He owes us. No, it's simply because He LOVES us. He finds VALUE in us. He created us as His children. He finds our value because that is just who He is. And that should be ENOUGH.

He is and always will be what we need!!
So don't be disappointed if you don't get a Valentine from that certain guy, because it doesn't matter. That high will only last for a short time BUT the love Chirst has for you will last forever, through all circumstances.

Love always <3

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