Friday, June 1, 2012

Samantha (Intern) and Her Prom Adventures

PROM! P is for Prom.

I went to Prom and had so much fun! I had a really awesome night, mostly thanks to my amazing man. I didn't know what to expect cause I'm not a very big dance person and neither is he but we rocked it. We were the best looking couple there ;) Well that's what i think anyways!

Here's how the day went:

11 a.m.-I showered, wanted to be all nice and squeaky clean

1: 30 p.m.- Makeup done by the amazing Crystal-Lee

3:30 p.m.- We had no idea what to do with my hair so we googled!

4:30 p.m.- Andrew and his momma arrived for pictures but I wasn't ready yet!!!! So they waited, and waited.

4:45 p.m- Dress was zipped, make up was flawless, hair was perfectly hairsprayed and curled.

4:50 p.m.- I opened the door, and this was what i saw!
Handsome... is he not?!

5 p.m.-Then came all the pictures. We took pictures for about an hour! Scroll down to see some of them =)

6 p.m.- We headed to Olive Garden to meet up with 3 other couples for dinner... it was so tasty!

8 p.m.- To Wilson Creek Winery where we danced the night away

It was such a sweet night full of friends, love, and good clean fun. Did any of you go to prom this year? 

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