Sunday, July 29, 2012

3 Ideas to Break Your Summer Blues

As we all know the middle of Summer can be the most dull time of the year. You got all your beach days in and you're dreading the start of school. Everyone's favorite time of year is coming to a close and the question on our minds is, "Now what are we gonna do?"

This question, while common, can be a little dangerous for young Christian ladies such as ourselves.

When we don't have many options for entertainment we often just "go with the flow". But we tend to forget "going with the flow" is where the devil does his work. It can present us with the dilemma of compromising our faith or being bored, or simply being the odd girl out.

So instead of just going with the flow, BE the one with a plan. Innovate fun ideas. Be a good  leader without always being "that girl". Christians can have fun too  you know???

Here are our top 3 fun ideas for summer fun.

1.) Host a game night.
Board games, video games. outside games. It may seem like an obvious choice, but often times we forget the pure joy of getting together with friends, playing games and just being plain silly.

2.) Take a class/Learn a new skill
Ok, I know school is out and class is the L A S T word you want to hear, but sometimes classes can be fun. Get a couple of friends together and go to a pottery making/painting class. Or a dance class. Or an art class. Whatever you thoroughly enjoy doing I am sure there is a class for it. Bring a friend or go alone, just be sure to connect with other people. Common interests build friendships.

3.) Plan an elaborate party.
A big summer blowout. Get a group of friends together and spend the summer planning an end of the summer bash. I know, I know. "Plan" doesn't sound like fun, but with the right people anything can be fun:) C'mon, who wouldn't want to be responsible for the greatest party of the year!

These are just a few tips to having a great summer and pioneering [some fun] activities, all without compromising your faith.

Have any better ideas? Help a sister out. Leave a comment below:)

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