Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Expectant for the Future

Becoming 2013 is on it's way! There's been so much planning, excitement, and ideas; you girls are in for a treat!

One of the things that have definitely been an influence for me everyday is planning, and I kind of had the same issue in middle school as well. 

Planning is an awesome thing; it teaches you to be prepared and ready for an upcoming event, however, if you plan to much, you're being absorbed into the future instead of the present. See what I mean?

The cycle began during middle school, when I was so focused on high school. "Pick your classes, email your counselors, and let's do this." Before I even got into freshman year, I emailed the colleges I was considering for the requirements. I was way too stuffed into the concept of being organized.

Then, this year came, and I was so focused on next year classes to take, just because everyone kept asking me what I had in mind. I found myself saying, "I don't know" a lot, and I thought it was considered a bad thing that I wasn't sure.

Finally, I went to a college-browsing event at the mall the other day, and I was back onto planning college. People asked, "Oh, what are you thinking about majoring in?" And again, I found myself saying, "I don't know."

But you know what?
 Saying "I don't know" is okay

You see, we can't plan the future accordingly to how we want it to go. If we did plan everyday for the rest of our lives, we'll be consumed in our expectations, which sometimes, will not live up. 

What if I told you that we have someone who already has created our days? What if I told you that He has planned it unique and specifically to you? That's right. 

So, as a result of all this, I've instead found myself letting God take control in what He has to offer me. We learn along the road and become more brave in our actions as we conquer them. You see? The whole part in becoming is that key word, "ing". My English teacher once told me that when you see the root "ing", it means it is continuos and is still happening. 

That's right, folks, all of us are becoming. 

We are always going to become something, and we are always going to learn how. 

The next time you find yourself stressing for the future, lay back, and live in the time being! You'll find yourself totally relieved when you have faith in our awesome Father and learn as you go with Him :) 

Becoming Conference Intern

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